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Pericles S. Nacionales naci0002 at umn.edu
Fri Mar 2 23:04:33 PST 2007

I agree that it is an OSGeo conference and OSGeo promotes "free and open 
source" software.  If Oracle can demonstrate how their product 
works/integrates with open source geospatial software then I don't have 
a problem with that.


Jason Birch wrote:
> You know, I'd actually be in favour of this workshop if it showed how
> Oracle can be integrated with open source geospatial applications (web
> mapping, etc).  This is the kind of thing that many organisations need
> to gradually integrate open source into their stacks.
> As it stands, it shows how to integrate a free beer proprietary
> application with an expensive-beer application, and I am personally not
> in favour of it.  This is a "Free and Open Source" conference not a
> "Free or Open Source" conference.
> Jason
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> Attendees are not just developers of free software, there are lots of
> people just looking to solve problems in a low-cost way. Some of those
> low cost solutions are free, others are free. My guess is that the
> proposed workshop would be heavily attended.
> Allan Doyle wrote:
>> There are plenty of places Oracle can demo or hold a workshop. There 
>> are not so many places developers of Free and Open Source Software can
>> do the same.
>> Let the non-free companies come and learn about FOSS. I'm not sure we 
>> have to teach the FOSS developers about non-free software.

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