[OSGeo-Discuss] Still some questions to the OSGeo

Kai Behncke kbehncke at igf.uni-osnabrueck.de
Sun Mar 25 06:31:06 PDT 2007

Dear list,

nearly all of the questions I had about OSGeo are answered,
but to make an organigram, an organisation chart some informations are open:

1. What is the exact function of the president of the foundation officers?
Is the president of the foundation officers the same as the president of the
I mean, is the function similar to the executive director or is it more a
formal position?

2. Who is electing the president of the foundation officers?

3. Who in general is electing the officers that are named in:

4.What is the function of the officers?

5.Would it be correct to write something like: "The executive director is the
head of the OSGeo" ??

Thank you very much, Kai

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