[OSGeo-Discuss] Still some questions to the OSGeo

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Sun Mar 25 09:00:33 PDT 2007

Hi Kai,
Good questions, here is my take on them:

> 5.Would it be correct to write something like: "The executive  
> director is the
> head of the OSGeo" ??

No, the executive director reports to (works for) the board of the  

> 2. Who is electing the president of the foundation officers?
> 3. Who in general is electing the officers that are named in:
> https://www.osgeo.org/content/foundation/board_and_officers.html

Voting members of the foundation elect members for the board.  The  
board then elects or appoints positions within the board.  VP  
positions are filled by the chair of any official OSGeo committees,  
including Project Steering Committees for each software project, and  
for management committee like Web Management or Promotion and  
Visibility, Incubator, etc.

> 4.What is the function of the officers?

Board positions vary in their tasks.  The other VP positions are the  
official representatives that report to the board.  I say "general"  
because there hasn't been a lot of need to do so.  Officers basically  
represent the foundation in a formal capacity.

> 1. What is the exact function of the president of the foundation  
> officers?
> Is the president of the foundation officers the same as the  
> president of the
> OSGeo?
> I mean, is the function similar to the executive director or is it  
> more a
> formal position?

The role of the president is to help keep the board of directors on  
track, chairing board meetings, helping lead with strategic direction  
and more.  There is some overlap with executive director duties, but  
not in all organisations like this.  Executive Director has full-time  
responsibility for day-to-day tasks and as a primary contact for  
external public.  President is more focused on tasks at the board  
level (though our president does much more) on a part-time volunteer  

I'm sure someone can add more to these points, but I hope it is a  
good start for you.


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