[OSGeo-Discuss] (Java FOSS GIS) DataObject Framework

Landon Blake lblake at ksninc.com
Wed Nov 14 12:28:41 PST 2007

I've put up a page on the OSGeo Wiki that deals with a DataObject




This framework basically allows GIS Programs written in Java to use a
very abstract and simple representation of a feature for (at least) two
(2) tasks:


[1] Conversion between more complex feature models. (For example:
OpenJUMP Feature > DataObject > GeoTools Feature or GeoTools Feature >
DataObject > OpenJUMP Feature)


[2] Vehicle to move data to and from complex feature models used in
software to data sources. (For example: Program > Shapefile or Shapefile
> Program)


I did some initial work on a couple of interfaces with another developer
from OpenJUMP and a couple of the guys from GeoTools. Things cooled off
after our initial work, but I think there is still interest on the
GeoTools end, and I'm interested on the OpenJUMP end. I think if we got
something working other GeoJOP's like Kosmo and Deegree might also get
interested in using the framework.


I started thinking about this when I was farting around with a DXF
parser for OpenJUMP one weekend. I asked myself why I couldn't write the
parser in a way that could be used by UDig and OpenJUMP, which shouldn't
be too difficult.


At any rate, if you are involved in FOSS GIS written in Java you are
welcome to comment on the existing code and discuss how we should




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