[OSGeo-Discuss] Obfuscation of data around 7.22n, -71.12W, no sources exist???

Wilfred L. Guerin wilfredguerin at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 07:16:24 PST 2007

I am driven to ask this to the community, since there is absolutely no
coherent data sets from any source we've found over many years,
including the local governments, for the area around 7.12N,-71.22W and
eastward to the -71.22W lattitude southward and a 50-100km radius.

Has anyone data sources other than (NASA 15m visual only) within this
region, and are there any known sources what-so-ever for topologies,
reflectivity, organic density, and other (visual) modes?

The governments, all imaging sources, etc except nasa 15m with huge
holes in the topo data all have absolutely no data for a huge region

Last week, I was notified by a student that a google map query for
"7.22n,-71.12w" or any derivative resolved to a place called "SPY
HILL, Sasquachegan, Canada" and a specific selection of roads there. I
notified cia (keyhole) and it was cleared by 2 days later.

Please advise from your available data sets if/why there is a huge
region of data simply missing from record.

There are few other places this large with absolutely no data, and the
giant holes (base+0 topo) in the satellite pictures are quite

Thanks in advance for your review of this topic, I do not understand
how such a huge hole could (not) exist.

-Wilfred L. Guerin
WilfredGuerin at Gmail.com

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