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dorra labidi dorrdor at yahoo.fr
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Hi Miguel, Thank you for your advice; 

No problem for the OS; my Os is windows. 
Do you think that the GPRS connexion depends on the GPS device?
The javax.comm.*, as far as I know, offer 3 connection types: serial,parallel and using sockets.

In my case; I have two parameter for the connexion: the APN and the port number. Perhaps, should I deal with the APN as an URL and the connexion will be set up transparently?!!!!

Miguel Montesinos <mmontesinos at prodevelop.es> a écrit : Hi,

Just one note. Javax.comm.* only runs on Solaris and Windows. If you need Linux, Mac OS X, ... support, you'll need other "plug-ins" for original Sun package.

Here you have one GPL project we're using at gvSIG[1]

I've not used AT commands and GPRS communications in Java, but have done in C++. One advise: think in all possible problems, link failures, coverage problems, ... They'll certainly happen ;-)


[1] http://www.rxtx.org/

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>dorra labidi wrote:
>> Hello all; I am developping a fleet management application 
>using java. 
>> I need to connect to the GPS box using GPRS network.
>> My question: Is there a java API for the GPRS connection?
>AFAIK, there is no dedicated GPRS API. Instead, you can use 
>Java Comm API [1] and issue AT commands to GPRS modem manually 
>to establish and control connection. After connection is 
>established, you can use sockets to exchange data.
>That's the common solution I'm aware of.
>[1] http://java.sun.com/products/javacomm/index.jsp
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