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Everytime I listen this discussion about proprietary vs. open-source software, a lot of feelings, impressions and opinions come up.
Talking about subjective things it's funny, but it doesn't help newcomers, nor it's professional. In the meanwhile the dark-side ;) keeps on spreading the same rumours.
Only through a serious comparison anybody can get the picture.
Does anybody have or know a base feature table, so that we could fill in with proprietary and OS fulfillment? [1] IMHO is quite generic, and does not include non-OS features. Non-ArcXXX should also be considered (I've also worked with non-ESRI products, and they offer really good features).
Anybody open to work in this direction?
This way, anybody will be able to compare with real and common informationn and I'm sure that 

One additional point. When migrating desktop GIS from proprietary to OS software, it's usual to hace different levels of users. A big number of users (80% according to some gvSIG studies) use a small percentage of available functionalities.

So it is recommended that a gradual migration could be done.

[1] http://www.spatialserver.net/osgis/Desktopgis_overview.htm <http://www.spatialserver.net/osgis/Desktopgis_overview.htm> 




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	Hi Micha & Dan re:  Ease of use - This is great news! It really gets me excited, working with Q-GIS probably should have given me a clue.


	Puneet, in short neither, took out a loan to get ArcView and have to finish work from previous employer before I can start to earn money. Please note I didn't complain about "cost" of entry, just stated which choices I faced, which I think suited the discussion at that point.


	André Grobler

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