[OSGeo-Discuss] Re: Map of Wiki/OSGeo Members

Julia Harrell julia.harrell at ncmail.net
Wed Aug 13 16:37:25 PDT 2008

> There is number of geo-plugins available for MediaWiki, so it's easy to
> get lost. I found Google Map Extension [2] for MediaWiki that looks
> interesting.
> I'd like to hear opinions about such map and recommendations of map
> extensions for MediaWiki, that we could use for that purpose.

You might want take a look at what was done last winter at the OEI 
Symposium for the Puget Sound Information Challenge. They build a very 
nice Slippy Map/Mashup Builder for MediaWiki that allows users to add 
OGC services, GeoRSS, KML.

Uses OpenLayers, among other things.



Best Regards,

Julia Harrell
GIS Coordinator, NC DENR
julia.harrell at ncmail.net

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