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Milo van der Linden milo at 3dsite.nl
Wed Jun 11 05:00:25 PDT 2008

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Hello Bruce,

I ran into a similar question. I am currently wrapping up a presentation
for the upcoming OSGeo conference in the Netherlands.

It is hard to find key figures on Open source GIS on the internet,
especially when you want to combine it with figures and fact of closed
source products. My guess is that the only good thing to do is set up a
solid survey and try to get attendees from the entire GIS community. As
the group owner of the GIS group on www.linkedin.com, I have access to
1200+ GIS professionals. My intention is to set up a webbased survey
using limesurvey (open source), mail my linkedIN group members and see
what comes out.

My purpose is to make the survey results available to ALL. I have filled
out so many surveys in the past, but never recieved a full set of data
to use the survey results for myself. In this I want to make a change,
if people fill out the survey, they will recieve FULL access to the
results giving them all rights to use that data for themselves.

I find it a little difficult to create all the survey questions and
since I am no professional enqueteer, I would like to see if there are
any volunteers around to help me set up a killer survey (in terms of
hitting the right spot, not having the most questions) I will be able to
set up the survey technically, but when it comes to the questionaire;
please help!

I hereby challenge volunteers to contact me. And remember, even if you
have just a single question that you would like to see full-filled, you
are already helping! If you have a GIS contact list that you would like
to address with the survey, that is also of great help.

Please let me know what you people think about this.

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