[OSGeo-Discuss] Chickens, Boards and Export Restrictions

Paul Ramsey pramsey at cleverelephant.ca
Thu Jun 12 09:38:43 PDT 2008

Interesting Aside. Could the CRO perhaps ensure there's a way to Q&A
with the board nominees during the process? Perhaps a list of
questions at the top of the wiki page, and nominees can answer as
few/many of them as they like in their own page sections.


On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 9:34 AM, Michael P. Gerlek <mpg at lizardtech.com> wrote:
> <Aside>
> I interrupt here to point out that of late the Board has been faced with
> some significant questions about the aim and scope of our organization.
> This is a good thing: it is what the Board is there for.
> We the Charter Members are tasked with electing new board members
> shortly, and thus have a chance to directly influsence those
> discussions.  I look forward to seeing those nominated put forward their
> positions on these issues so we can all vote knowledgably.
> </Aside>

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