[OSGeo-Discuss] OSGeo Board nomination

Torsten Brassat torsten.brassat at wheregroup.com
Tue Jun 17 06:10:35 PDT 2008


I am pleased to nominate Arnulf Christl as director and hope you share 
my views!

Name : Arnulf Christl
Siemensstr. 8 , 53121 Bonn , Germany
OSGeo Wiki: http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/User:Arnulf_Christl
Email: arnulf at osgeo.org

Arnulf Christl is one of the founding members of OSGeo and took an 
active part in developing the foundation.

In the past two years he was active as director, chair of the Marketing 
Committee and as member of the Incubation Committee he mentored the 
GRASS GIS project through incubation.

He actively helped to build the brand OSGeo in Germany and at European 
level by promoting the foundation at various events and conferences 
including the OSGeo Park at the annual Intergeo trade show, the LinuxTag 
community event and the AGIT conference in Salzburg, Austria.

As "creative leader" of the FOSSGIS (localized FOSS4G) he significantly 
helped building the conference to become the main German language Free 
and Open Source GIS event in the region.

A couple of years ago he launched the Mapbender project, which became 
the first OSGeo project to graduat. Although he does not actively 
produce code anymore he still develops the architecture design, future 
development and does the legal work.

As member of the OAB (OGC Architecture Board) and as WhereGroup 
representative in in the OGC Planning Committee with full voting rights 
he helps bridge the cultural gap between both organisations.

Through his work in both organisations and his interest in Free and Open 
Source GIS Software Arnulf became a leading consultant for spatial data 
infrastructures and GIS solutions. As founder and CEO of the WhereGroup 
GmbH & Co. KG he has a vital commercial interest in building sustainable 
business models around Free Software licensing and Open Source 
development models.

Taking all of the above points into account and knowing him to be a 
vocal and avid supporter of OSGeo I am sure that he will be a valuable 
member of the OSGeo Board of Directors for another term. I am pleased to 
nominate Arnulf Christl as director and hope you share my views!

Best regards,



Torsten Brassat
Marketing & Interne Organisation 

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53121 Bonn

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