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  Hi All,
  Its a pleasure to nominate this dedicated environmentalist on OSGeo  board who is also probably one of the first to use GRASS GIS in India.
  Secretory , OSGeo India chapter
    Designation   :  Senior Principal Scientist & Head
  Address  :  Salim Ali Centre for  Ornithology and Natural History (SACON), Deccan Regional station,     
  12-13-588/B,  Nagarjuna Nagar  Colony       Tarnaka,  Hyderabad 500017
         Email:  narendra_prasad at yahoo.com
    Date  of Birth  : 14.08.1951
      Nationality   : Indian
  His involvement in use and institution wide adoption of Open source  geospatial tools began in 1991. He was responsible to introduce GRASS  on Sun workstation for the GIS cell of wild life Institute of India,  Dehra Dun, India. Infact, using Grass, Environmental Impacts of major  River valley project was analyzed by a group of researchers between  1992-94 and several other research projects of wild life institute of  India.  Subsequently,  in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Science, (IISc)  Bangalore, an interface was developed in Grass to read the raster  files of the Indian Remote Sensing satellite data .This experience  has resulted in an ongoing work at IISc wherein one of the GRASS  mirror site is up and functioning.
    The  most recent and extensive involvement began with the use of ILWIS,  Open Jump and GRASS. In an extensively collaborated project namely 'Rajahmundry City (A.P), GIS', on  showcasing potential applications of using Osseo tools was  successfully completed. The stakeholders of this project included law  makers, administrators spanning a wide range of disciplines.
    The use of open source web GIS tools for wetland conservation has been initiated by him,  and is the first and perhaps the only Environmental Information  System of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of  India.
    A  number of capacity building, awareness and other educational and  outreach activities were conducted with the colleagues of the Osseo  –India chapter for a number of users
    His future plans include a much wider introduction of the osgeotools in a  large geographical area focusing on environmental applications.
  V.Ravi Kumar
  Charter Member
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