[OSGeo-Discuss] Thematic Mapping Engine as Open Source?

Bjorn Sandvik bjorn at thematicmapping.org
Sun Jun 22 16:01:25 PDT 2008


In the last couple of months, I've been developing a Thematic Mapping 
Engine (TME):

TME makes it easy to produce 2D and 3D thematic maps (choropleth, prism, 
proportional symbol and animated maps) with KML. TME is programmed in 
PHP and uses the GD graphics library to generate colour legends.

TME can easily be extended to support various 
geographical/administrative levels, and data could be fetched from 
various sources. TME could also be used as a plug-in to other open 
source projects.

The engine can be used as a PHP library/API, where KML based thematic 
maps can be generated with a few lines of code. I've also developed a 
web interface based on Ext JS where thematic maps can be created without 
a single line of code.

My plan is to release TME as an open source project under a GNU GPL 
license v3, and use SourceForge as a code repository.

Is there any interest in using this application among other open source 
projects? Are there any funding opportunities? I'm also interested in 
getting to know people who would like to contribute to this project.

Bjorn Sandvik

bjorn at thematicmapping.org

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