[OSGeo-Discuss] Annual General Meeting at FOSS4G

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Fri Jun 27 07:49:52 PDT 2008

Jacolin Yves wrote:
> May be it could be interesting to have only one person presenting all Local 
> Chapter. It should save time (when people are changing on stage) and get a 
> good synthesis of all local chapter.

All chapters/committees/projects have different agendas and issues and I 
think those can only be relayed properly by their own members. Plus it's 
always good to see the actual people on stage talking about what they've 
done in the last year... that helps putting faces on names.

> Le Friday 27 June 2008 09:03:17 andrea giacomelli, vous avez écrit :
>> Based on similar experiences (last but not least large condominium
>> meetings), I would recommend providing some guidance on how to present
>> information and interact.
>> for example:
>> a) presentation of each chapter/project/sponsor
>> - basic statistics (how many people, geographic reach,
>> - the three best things we did in the past year
>> - the three most interesting things we planned for the next year
>> - three lessons learned/areas for improvement
>> this can be done in more or less  5 minutes per chapter.

I agree with Andrea's suggestions to help keep presentations short and 
interesting for everyone. 5 minutes may even be a bit long in some 
cases... if one doesn't have enough to say to make an interesting 5 
minutes then they should not feel the need to take the full time slot 
and keep it down to 2 minutes or whatever.

>> b) I would then open the floor to discussion, questions, in relation to
>> specific points of interest highglighted in part (a), always with a fixed
>> time to talk, a fixed time to respond, and somebody acting as a moderator.

Unfortunately I don't think we can afford to have discussions/questions 
with the number of chapters/committees/projects that have to present. If 
anyone has questions they can talk to the individual directly later on.

I'd have a preference to stick with the 2-5 minutes presentations in a 
dynamic lightninig talk format with no question/discussion period.

Daniel Morissette

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