[OSGeo-Discuss] Creating a Free Cartographic Symbol Library

Landon Blake lblake at ksninc.com
Mon Jun 30 10:45:07 PDT 2008

I've been working on GeoTools support for the GPX format. Part of the
GPX format allows a user/program to specify a Symbol as a string/text


We've been having a discussion on the GPX mailing list about a standard
mapping of symbol names to symbol graphics, either in Raster or Vector
(SVG) format. The basic idea is to allow a program like OpenJUMP to
import a GPX file and then display the appropriate symbol at the
waypoint location based on the information in the GPX file.


There is at least one person on the GPX mailing list that would be
interested in putting together such a cartographic symbol library.


Does something like this already exist? Is it something the OSGeo would
be interested in? I was thinking we might put something together and
release it under a creative commons license...






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