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See "Branding Guide", and also Trademark Guidelines.


I do like the idea of branded logos for members, sponsors, and
supporters though.  I would prefer to see the white background be given
precedence on these though; the black (inverted) image should only be
used where absolutely required.




From: Michael P. Gerlek
Subject: RE: [OSGeo-Discuss] OSGeo Buttons




In general, yes, you are allowed to use the logo.  There are guidelines
posted on the web (not sure where..) spelling out proper usage, etc.





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	Thanks for the clarification on the logos.  I was hoping to
prompt this topic thread with my posting. Also useful would be some
guidelines on how and where OSGeo logos can be used on other web pages,
particularly in light of the "self selection/opt in" membership
	Are all members (i.e. anyone who registers on osgeo.org) allowed
to use the OSGeo logo on their project/personal/corporate web pages to
help identify their interest in OSGeo?  Should the logo be linked to a
particular page on osgeo.org? Should the original logo be used or some
modification of it?

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