[OSGeo-Discuss] How about gis education in western country?

Wolf Bergenheim wolf+grass at bergenheim.net
Sat Mar 29 15:48:47 PDT 2008

On 03/28/2008 05:20 PM, broad sky wrote:
> Hi all,
>         I want to know the situation about gis education in wester 
> country.Which college has setup gis as a specialty?

The Helsinki University of Technology[1], in Finland has a Faculty of 
Engineering and Architecture[2] Which has several programs[3],[4] 
related to GIS.

[1] http://www.tkk.fi/en/
[2] http://maa.tkk.fi/en/
[3] http://foto.hut.fi/
[4] http://gip.tkk.fi/en/



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