[OSGeo-Discuss] Foreign Language Community Support

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Sun Nov 9 12:57:33 PST 2008

Christopher Schmidt wrote:
> Automatic translations are good in some languages, but (as I've found by
> staying here in Japan) *terrible* for others. It is my goal to seek out
> translations from any communities that I can find, and getting them
> involved on ading foreign langauge translations of the text -- once it's
> decent :)

hehe, makes sense
here a language chapter could help.
> Also, I've seen too many cases where people have fixed bugs and never
> mentioned anything about the bugfixes back to the OpenLayers community
> to trust that the same wouldn't happen with local chapters. 

you're probably right.
anyway there's no good system to avoid people not contributing fixes.
IMO, a part of the community will sadly remain insensible to this thread 

> I'm not sure what you mean by this. Essentially, this is a way to gaurge
> the interest and abilities of people to pariticipate in a local language
> list for the project> I don't see a way that can be gauged without
> *some* kind of list -- most people will always be quiet if something
> requires activve participation with an existing community. (The barrier
> is simply too high.) Editing a wikipage is lower cost, and gives a
> record of people interested in a particular language community for a
> project -- that 'hard copy', so to speak, seems valuable  to me,
> especially in comparison to something which (to me) seems more
> transient, like sending an email to the italian or spanish mailing list. 

mumble mumble
we all know that the "lazy" part of a community doesn't read wiki pages. 
The could thing that a wiki is not enough "official" or they are just 
too lazy to read but they have no problem to post on a list.
maybe chapter involvement should be something like:
"I can't understand your question or you cannot understand my answer, 
try to relate to your local community"

I see it is complicated to rely on local chapter as extension of a 
project community but when there's no way to understand each other 
decently it could be an effective resource.


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