[OSGeo-Discuss] Foreign Language Community Support

Venkatesh Raghavan raghavan at media.osaka-cu.ac.jp
Mon Nov 10 02:20:56 PST 2008


(Orkney)Toru Mori wrote:
> As Chris pointed out, our OSGeo local chapter discussion list could be the 
> place to communicate. However, mailing list is sometimes difficult to view 
> summary of discussions, I would prefer wiki typed page in local language.

Please start the wiki section for
software source code improvements
at the Japan OSGeo Wiki

We could also use the Blog feature to have
a local language blog.

Local chapter members would need to create an
account on the OSGeo website.

We would need to find ways to have short summary
of important (for international audience)
wiki/blog contents in English. This may help
in highlighting local issues and solutions to
the mainstream

> Lastly, most important part is how and when to relay local issues to the 
> mainstream. Who takes care of them? This is a HR issue, cannot be solved 
> by just mailing lists or wiki pages though. What we are facing is here.



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