[OSGeo-Discuss] Discussion on Routing

(Orkney)Toru Mori moritoru at orkney.co.jp
Wed Nov 12 01:46:10 PST 2008


We, pgRouting developers are willing to contribute our code and know how 
to "database independent" routing engine development.

Current pgRouting connects with PostgreSQL very much. But this does not 
mean we have to write codes from scratch again. 

Additionally, we have lessons to learn from pgRouting developers' and 
users' communities such as Anton pointed out. I believe they should be 
useful in designing new routing engine.


Stephen Woodbridge <woodbri at swoodbridge.com> wrote´╝Ü

> 4) I would like to see a decoupling of the routing engine from the
> backing stores to support it. PostGIS is nice and I'm happy to work with
> it, but I can see a lot of situations where not using postgresql could
> be desirable. It would be nice to have an API that would allow plugable
> or code-able back end data stores.

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