[OSGeo-Discuss] Conference Photos

Christopher Schmidt crschmidt at crschmidt.net
Fri Oct 10 03:09:20 PDT 2008

I finally finished uploading all the photos I took at/around the FOSS4G


Includes photos from: 
 * Various nights hanging out at the bars/hotels during the conference
 * A trip up Table Mountain with OpenLayers/OpenGeo folks
 * GeoDjango Workshop
 * Sessions, exhibition hall, etc.
 * PIctures from the Gala Dinner at Moyo
 * Closing Session
 * OSGeo AGM
 * OpenLayers Workshop
 * GeoServer Workshop

Photos that are taken at the conference center/of conference proceedings
are also tagged with foss4g2008:


And most photos of people who I recognized are tagged with first name in
the title, and with a username (as used on IRC or other unique
identifier) attached as a tag: 


Photos of the AGM are also tagged as such:


I've made my tagging settings as open as possible, but I believe you
still need to be a contact on flickr in order to add notes/tags to
photos: simply add me as a contact, and I'll add you back.   
Any names I got wrong, please let me know, either via email or by simply
commenting on the flickr photo.

Thanks to all for helping to create such a photogenic conference.

Christopher Schmidt
Web Developer

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