[OSGeo-Discuss] OSGeo Willing to host OpenJUMP Wiki Content?

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Oct 17 14:54:56 PDT 2008

Landon Blake wrote:
> I’ve been asked to approach the OSGeo with a request on behalf of the 
> OpenJUMP community. Our community wiki is currently being hosted by a 
> programmer that is no longer involved in the project. We have a lot of 
> problems with spam and vandalism on the wiki. We’d like to know if the 
> OSGeo would be willing to host our wiki content even though OpenJUMP 
> isn’t currently an OSGeo project.
> If it makes any difference, I try to work as an active OSGeo member and 
> as a small part of the GeoTools project.


What sort of wiki were you looking for?  A mediawiki instance?  A Trac wiki?

We host trac instances for a number of projects not formally associated
with OSGeo, and I imagine we could do so for OpenJUMP if that would meet your
needs.  But of course Trac is most interesting when you also use it for your
bug system and have it hooked to a subversion instance.

We do run one mediawiki instance for wiki.osgeo.org, and could presumably
host another beside it, but there are relatively few folks knowledgable
about that.  Providing services for non-OSGeo projects is a two step process.
One is finding someone with the appopriate level of access willing to do the
system administration tasks to support it.  The second is passing a motion
on the SAC (System Administration Committee) list in support of the action
(followed by a brief board review period).

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