[OSGeo-Discuss] defining a Geospatial Integration Showcase to be launched at FOSS4G 2009

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 15:41:52 PDT 2008

A key attractor we would like to launch at FOSS4G 2009 is a Geospatial 
Integration Showcase.

    "The Geospatial Integration Showcase provides an easily deployable, 
practical demonstration of standards based interoperability between 
geospatial applications. After FOSS4G, the showcase should be able to be 
packaged up and easily redeployed at other conferences and events."

A number of people and organisations have already been very supportive, 
but as yet we are still hazy on what the showcase will look like in 
practical terms.

The OGC, a likely supporter, will be talking with our FOSS4G organising 
committee early next week, and I'd like to table ideas from you, the 
OSGeo community, to the meeting.

So please speak up:
* Is it acceptable for standards compliant Proprietary products to be 
part of the Showcase? (This should increase FOSS4G sponsorship)

* Is it appropriate to set a theme or scenario for the showcase, then 
encourage FOSS4G presentations and labs to use this theme?

* Should the showcase reference external services or should they all be 
internal? (WMS, WFS, etc)

* What level of service should we expect from participating packages?

* Will projects step up and contribute to the showcase?

* An integration testbed was trialled at FOSS4G 2007 in Victoria with 
reportedly limited success. What lessons should we learn from that?

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