[OSGeo-Discuss] defining a Geospatial Integration Showcase to be launched at FOSS4G 2009

Jody Garnett jgarnett at refractions.net
Wed Oct 22 15:58:50 PDT 2008

Cameron Shorter wrote:
> The OGC, a likely supporter, will be talking with our FOSS4G 
> organising committee early next week, and I'd like to table ideas from 
> you, the OSGeo community, to the meeting.
> So please speak up:
> * Is it acceptable for standards compliant Proprietary products to be 
> part of the Showcase? (This should increase FOSS4G sponsorship)
I am still waiting to hear back from FOSS4G2008 - how did having 
proprietary vendors around effect things? Were they even noticed? What 
kind of comparisons were being made etc?

As a user of all of these technologies it would be very amusing to have 
the same data sets being pumped out; witness the recent blogs posts on 
MapServer and GeoServer performance for an example of this being of 
general interest.
> * Is it appropriate to set a theme or scenario for the showcase, then 
> encourage FOSS4G presentations and labs to use this theme?
I am not too sure about that; presentations and labs are often very 
specific to the topic at hand. Why not try a carrot; promises that a 
specific data set (WFS, WMS, TileServer, PostGIS whatever) will be 
available for workshops to use; make sure it is around 3-6 months prior 
to the event and you should see it used.
> * Should the showcase reference external services or should they all 
> be internal? (WMS, WFS, etc)
Both end up happening; with suitable amusement if external web services 
are down (or bandwidth is an issue).
> * What level of service should we expect from participating packages?
> * Will projects step up and contribute to the showcase?
Data is where it starts; do you have data?
> * An integration testbed was trialled at FOSS4G 2007 in Victoria with 
> reportedly limited success. What lessons should we learn from that?
Get data; and get it out early; try and arrange some kind of reward for 
projects that make use of the data? Participation in a panel discussion 
during the conference talking about applied interoptibility

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