[OSGeo-Discuss] Request for Abstracts: Fall 2009 AGU Session IN18: Open Source Remote Sensing Software and Applications for Earth and Environmental Science

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Dear Colleagues and Open Source Remote Sensing practitioners and 

Please consider submitting an abstract for the Fall American Geophysical 
Union meeting December 14-18, 2009 in San Francisco: 

Session IN18: Open Source Remote Sensing Software and Applications for 
Earth and Environmental Science 

Please note: abstracts are due online on September 3, 2009. 

Abstract Submissions: 

Link to AGU Session: 

Satellite and airborne remote sensing imagery is integral to geospatial 
research in earth and environmental sciences. The synoptic bird’s eye view 
helps us see relationships among landscape elements in their spatial 
context, the continuum of nature and human infrastructure. There are 
increasing amounts of satellite and aerial remote sensing imagery of the 
earth available for free and low cost (e.g., Landsat; USGS and USDA aerial 
photography), via convenient online data portals and virtual earths. 
However, for some user communities, licensing costs for commercial image 
processing and analysis software may present barriers to scientific use of 
free remote sensing imagery. The goal of this session is to present 
examples of application and development of free and open source remote 
sensing and image processing software for use in the earth and 
environmental sciences. Of particular interest are abstract submissions 
highlighting open source software applied to the following: high 
resolution imagery (0.5-5 m pixels) for detailed landscape mapping, LIDAR, 
plugin image processing algorithms for virtual earths, operational 
web-based remote sensing, and web processing services (WPS). 

Drew Pilant, US Environmental Protection Agency; Peter Fox, Rensselaer 
Polytechnic Institute 

Thank you for your kind consideration. Please forward as appropriate. 


Drew Pilant, Ph.D. 
Remote Sensing Research Scientist 
US Environmental Protection Agency 
Office of Research and Development 
Landscape Characterization Branch 
tel:  919.541.0648 
fax: 919.541.9420 
pilant.drew at epa.gov
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