[OSGeo-Discuss] Options for sharing geodata symbology along with WFS?

Yves Jacolin (free) yjacolin at free.fr
Fri Aug 14 11:42:33 PDT 2009

Hi Alexandre,

Le vendredi 14 août 2009, Alexandre Leroux a écrit :
> Hi,
> Thanks Christopher for your answer. A colleague excluded SLD by telling
> us it only applies to WMS, which, based on your comment, isn't true. The
> OGC website isn't clear on this (I guess we should read deeper). This
> would enable us to generate SLDs with uDig :-)
> >> answers! :-) To my defense for this OSGeo-unrelated question, we do
> >> process and serve all the related geodata using OSGeo software! ;-)
> >
> > Which software?
> Since you're asking.. still the same project already mentioned on this
> list: providing Canadian weather information with web maps and standard
> web services. Our (fully working) prototypes use MapFish, OpenLayers
> GDAL/OGR­. (we also use other OSGeo software for other projects)

If you want styling a vector layer from a WFS service in OpenLayers, you can 
use StyleMap which is simplier to manage [1] I think ;)

[1] http://trac.openlayers.org/wiki/Styles
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