[OSGeo-Discuss] Options for sharing geodata symbology along with WFS?

Alexandre Leroux alexandre.leroux at ec.gc.ca
Fri Aug 14 12:26:57 PDT 2009

Thanks again for providing more details.

> SLD is a language; at least some non-WMS tools can read SLD, and style
> WFS vectors according to it. (OpenLayers can do this; I'm sure that 

Excellent. In that case, SLD will do it for us (the web map is 
MapFish/OpenLayers). :-)

> Hm, I guess my question was unclear; I was curious what software you were
> using for WMS/WFS.

To serve WMS and WFS, to make a long story short, because we use a very 
weird, and unused anywhere else, format for meteorological data, we 
coded our own WMS server and are in the process of coding its WFS 
counterpart. That WMS/WFS server shares the same codebase than our open 
source virtual globe SPI 
(http://eer.cmc.ec.gc.ca/index_e.php?page=s_software/spi/spi_e.html ) 
which connects to GDAL/OGR, GEOS and even some GRASS GIS commands.

Thanks Christopher!
(Thanks also to Yves and Raj for your replies)

Solution found. Cheers,


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