[OSGeo-Discuss] Re: Will there be an OSGeo Desktop shootout atFOSS4G 2010?

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Also keep in mind, unlike windows specific applications many foss4g apps rely on shared libraries like OGR and back end DB's.

So the testing is not just of the application but also the libs and DB's.

A feature comparison is a good start and many masters projects have already done that as well as xcompare them to closed source desktop apps.

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On Sun, 20 Dec 2009 07:59:32 +1100, Cameron Shorter
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> Andrea,
> That looks like an excellent basis to start from.
> Were the results of the desktop comparison written up somewhere?
> While a feature comparison is valuable, the end user is also interested 
> is other metrics which are harder to collect.

Hi Cameron.
Unfortunately we could not collect "hard" data about this, and frankly I
think this would be very difficult to do - a desktop is much more
subjective than a server. What is difficult for me can be easy for you,
Anyway, I think such a comparison is really necessary.
Ideas welcome.
All the best.
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