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Pilant.Drew at epamail.epa.gov Pilant.Drew at epamail.epa.gov
Wed Dec 23 07:53:17 PST 2009

Dear All,

The discussion of an OSGeo desktop shootout prompts me to inquire if 
remote sensing / image processing software could be included in the 
comparison. Or, does anyone have an existing comparison of features and 

More specifically, how do the FOSS remote sensing toolkits compare with 
commercial packages such as ENVI, ERDAS Imagine, PCI Geomatics, Idrisi, 
ECognition, Feature Analyst, Genie Pro, etc (sorry for any omissions on 
this list). Where are the gaps?

By remote sensing packages, I'm referring to software that ingests 
satellite and aerial imagery and data (optical, infrared, thermal 
infrared, SAR, LIDAR, microwave), and applies various transformations, 
filters and workflows to generate geospatial information and maps. The 
remote sensing output is typically imported into GIS for further analysis 
and visualization.

Many thanks and happy holidays,


Drew Pilant, Ph.D.
Remote Sensing Research Scientist
US Environmental Protection Agency 
Office of Research and Development
Landscape Characterization Branch
tel:  919.541.0648
fax: 919.541.9420
pilant.drew at epa.gov
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