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First off, I'm close to the GeoMoose project, now having said that. . . 

GeoMoose will implement way faster out of the box. 

Usually, the biggest hurdle, is if you need to change the projection of the data you are displaying.  If all your data is in the same projection, it's not a problem at all, pretty much can be a plug and play with the datasets using the samples that come with the GeoMoose package.  If you need to pull data from other projections and overlay them onto your datasets then things get decidedly trickier (in any application for that matter), although once you have one layer working , it's usually not too big a deal to get others working in GeoMoose too. 

Don't take my word for it though.  I'm sure others will pop on here and reply too, although, you might want to try the Mapserver list with the question as well, there might be some other viewers out there as well that might fit the bill. 


>>> John Callahan <john.callahan at udel.edu> wrote:

I'm looking for a web mapping package that can be used to show 15 - 20 datasets at once. These data just need to be turned on/off and maybe an identify/query feature. Data are points, lines, polygons, and rasters (aerial imagery, DEMs, etc...) Basically, I'm looking for a way to show these datasets to a few dozen colleagues located in various depts.

So far, MapGuide OS and GeoMoose seem to be the two best options. I have used Mapserver and Postgis before and could use these again. Vectors are mostly shapefiles and rasters are img or ESRI grids (I could convert to png tiles using GDAL or something similar.)

Any thoughts on the ease of setup/config of GeoMoose vs MapGuide OS? Any other obvious packages I'm missing? (I know about ka-map but don't think it's being developed, and may not add anything over GeoMoose/MapGuide.) In the past, I've used ArcIMS and ArcGIS Server for such a purpose. However, I'm looking for an open source solution.

If all goes well, we may develop a more sophisticated application in the future but for right now, viewing the data is most important. Thanks for your help.

- John

John Callahan, Geospatial Application Developer
Delaware Geological Survey, University of Delaware
URL: http://www.dgs.udel.edu

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