[OSGeo-Discuss] osgeo4w stack building notes: maybe a dedicated wiki?

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Feb 26 08:14:42 PST 2009

G. Allegri wrote:
> osgeo4w is making its way in various institutions. The tam-tam has
> begun and I hear people beginning to ask about it. The Windows users
> are the most between GIS users, so it is an expected clamour.
> Right yesterday I've been asked if it's possible to manage
> GRASS/QGIS/GDAL/R/Python bindings building with the same ease as on
> Linux platforms. I've left the Windows world some years ago, but now I
> need to start again with it, and I need to answer this question to my
> boss and collegues. I've read in the recent MLs threads about QGIS and
> MSVC, GRASS on MSYS, R... I'm not sure but AFAIU MSYS too... My boss
> has asked me to have a build of GRASS7, with the new Python bindings,
> and the rest of the stack I said before. Is it possible to organize in
> the OSGEO wiki some notes on how to start up with the building of it?
> There are various sparse notes (for GRASS and QGIS), but they mostly
> refer to the single executables, and not to the Osgeo4w way.
> I know it's not easy to realize it, first of all because everything is
> evolving very fast, and things change in a day... But it could help,
> at least to have a first reference (notes and people working on that
> specific topic). OsGeo4w wiki could be the right place.
> Anyway, next days I will start the long way to GRASS7+QGIS building! :)


I would first note that the http://osgeo4w.osgeo.org/ is already a Trac
wiki and anyone can extend it.  Where it is of interest I think it would
be nice to add extensive detail on how packages are built.  In particular
the GRASS + QGIS group are fairly involved and it would be nice to have
the process described - perhaps referencing existing docs (like the
WinGRASS build topic that already exists in the GRASS wiki) as appropriate.

To some extent this will depend on those who are doing the builds now
to describe details - in this case Jurgen.

I will note that some package include associated source packages which
include adjustments made for OSGeo4W builds.  For instance, the GDAL
source packages for 1.5 and 1.6 include the actual nmake.opt file that
was used, and some cygwin-bash scripts used to prepare the package file.
These can be useful if someone else needs to pick up maintenance of the

There is also a an existing general topic on how to build OSGeo4W packages
which I would encourage anyone interested in packaging to review:


You might also want to join the OSGeo4W mailing list for detailed
discussions of packaging.

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