[OSGeo-Discuss] osgeo4w setup.exe source code?

Yves Moisan yves.moisan at boreal-is.com
Thu Feb 26 09:45:25 PST 2009

Frank and all,

On a related note, I'm building a large NSIS installer for our
application which includes a bunch of things, among which several
MS4W/OSGEO4W web-related packages.  Because of operational constraints,
the installer must run without an internet connection so I found
embedding the MS4W executable with a local zip file in my installer to
be the easiest way to do that.  Is there a way to do something similar
with OSGEO4W ?

Also, a couple of months ago I set up a system with OSGEO4W and IIRC
some gdal tools weren't working as they used to on an MS4W setup.  Is it
me or is the OSGEO4W setup isn't quite the same as MS4W at the end of
the day ?



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