[OSGeo-Discuss] fleet management

Arnie Shore shoreas at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 13:19:45 PDT 2009

Steve/All, my particular interest is in getting data from whatever client
devices are available back to the server, for situation display.  So right
now, I dunno what category of generic software wd help me do that - but I'm
sure guilty of not having thought much about that problem.

Right now, our CAD is gathering position data via connection to a remote
repository, like APRS, Instamapper, and - coming - Latitude and Locatea.
Which works, but that's a long way around.

So I'm interested in hearing re what particular problems you folks want to
solve, within the realm of AVL.  Possibly 'just' an Open Source version of
what those folks do, implemented as a daemon or web service?


PS: I'm with you in a lack of interest in a Java-based solution.
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