[OSGeo-Discuss] fleet management

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Wed Jul 15 18:37:59 PDT 2009

Arnie Shore wrote:
> Steve/All, my particular interest is in getting data from whatever 
> client devices are available back to the server, for situation display.  
> So right now, I dunno what category of generic software wd help me do 
> that - but I'm sure guilty of not having thought much about that problem.
> Right now, our CAD is gathering position data via connection to a remote 
> repository, like APRS, Instamapper, and - coming - Latitude and 
> Locatea.  Which works, but that's a long way around.
> So I'm interested in hearing re what particular problems you folks want 
> to solve, within the realm of AVL.  Possibly 'just' an Open Source 
> version of what those folks do, implemented as a daemon or web service?
> AS
> PS: I'm with you in a lack of interest in a Java-based solution.


I think that we should look at the whole value chain from end to end and 
break it into some logical chunks and adopt or define some well defined 
API/interface/protocols/whatever between them. This would allow these 
modules to develop somewhat independently and interact when the 
interfaces needed to be updated to handle new technology or devices or 

It seems like a lot of the basic pieces might already exist and need to 
be glued together, and some of the pieces need to be defined and built out.

It would probably help if someone started with an outline of the major 
components and what data needs to flow between them. With that as a 
straw dog, we can build on that or change it, and get a better 
definition and see where we have agreement and/or disagreement. Then 
build on those ideas.


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