[OSGeo-Discuss] case studies on FOSS Geo for local governance

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Hi Maning,

For me the best success story is gvSIG project, which was actually created 
on behalf of Valencia's local government. I am sure there are planty of 
gvSIG users on that mailing list - they can tell best how it works. gvSIG's 
website: http://www.gvsig.gva.es/

At the European level you can look into IDABC's Open Source Observatory and 
Repository www.osor.eu.

In Belgian region of Flanders the government uses OSS as a tool for 
agricultural policy - geGIS project www.gegis.org The case on application in 
egovernment is discussed here: 

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> Hi,
> We are looking for case studies/success stories in deploying FOSS Geo
> for local government.  I earnestly believe that FOSS tools are
> available for adoption in local government.  Critical is how to
> integrated them to a provincial/city wide government IT
> infrastructure.  In the Philippines, geospatial technologies are often
> used in:
> property/parcel tax mapping
> zoning
> development planning
> However, in most cases these "domains" are "loosely" integrated.
> Sometimes the GIS in the planning division doesn't "communicate" with
> the assesor's office in terms of data management.  What we are looking
> for are stories that integrate FOSS GEO tools in the overall IT
> infrastructure.  I know some of the strategies maybe "institutional"
> rather than technical in nature.
> What technologies do we need (dbase managment, server, desktop apps)?
> How do we provide capacity to local government staff?
> How do we integrate the data into planning?
> Any ideas?
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> cheers,
> maning
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