[OSGeo-Discuss] case studies on FOSS Geo for local governance

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Rafal Wawer schreef:
> Hi Maning,
> For me the best success story is gvSIG project, which was actually 
> created on behalf of Valencia's local government. I am sure there are 
> planty of gvSIG users on that mailing list - they can tell best how it 
> works. gvSIG's website: http://www.gvsig.gva.es/
> At the European level you can look into IDABC's Open Source 
> Observatory and Repository www.osor.eu.
> In Belgian region of Flanders the government uses OSS as a tool for 
> agricultural policy - geGIS project www.gegis.org The case on 
> application in egovernment is discussed here: 
> http://www.cascadoss.eu/en/images/Workshop/gegis_workshop.pdf
> Best regards:
> Raf
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> Subject: [OSGeo-Discuss] case studies on FOSS Geo for local governance
>> Hi,
>> We are looking for case studies/success stories in deploying FOSS Geo
>> for local government.  I earnestly believe that FOSS tools are
>> available for adoption in local government.  Critical is how to
>> integrated them to a provincial/city wide government IT
>> infrastructure.  In the Philippines, geospatial technologies are often
>> used in:
>> property/parcel tax mapping
>> zoning
>> development planning
>> However, in most cases these "domains" are "loosely" integrated.
>> Sometimes the GIS in the planning division doesn't "communicate" with
>> the assesor's office in terms of data management.  What we are looking
>> for are stories that integrate FOSS GEO tools in the overall IT
>> infrastructure.  I know some of the strategies maybe "institutional"
>> rather than technical in nature.
>> What technologies do we need (dbase managment, server, desktop apps)?
>> How do we provide capacity to local government staff?
>> How do we integrate the data into planning?
>> Any ideas?
>> -- 
>> cheers,
>> maning
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The http://www.gegis.org/ website is mainly in Dutch, but part of it has 
been translated to Enlgish (see the button on the right).

The main idea behind gegis was to build a platform, able to read and 
update geographical data from different sources, and to be able to 
disclose this data again to other instances. In this way, everyone can 
manage his own data using the geGIS client, and distribute it read-only 
to anyone else needing it. You can see this in the pdf file on pages 22 
and 23.

Pieter De Graef

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