[OSGeo-Discuss] Next 5 years for OSGeo

Charlie Schweik cschweik at pubpol.umass.edu
Sat Oct 3 09:52:33 PDT 2009

Ravi wrote:
> 'Universities should teach only with FOSS'
> Wish academia think like that. 
Part of the issue is getting faculty to learn themselves and make the 
shift. This underlies what I am getting at. I need to learn it. Busy 
faculty teach what they have learned in the past. I'm currently involved 
in trying to get faculty at my campus to shift to R stats, for example. 
But it requires that they revise their material. Asst profs working 
toward tenure don't have the incentive to do this. So one of the key 
things is how can we help faculty retool?

This will be a long process. WHat might be easier is focusing on the 
next crop of Assistant Professors...

So one idea might be to start a wikipage (maybe with Digg-it like 
voting) listing  some key new FOSS geo research/development needs that 
grad students might take on as a thesis project....

I'm puzzling if we should move this conversation over to the Edu 
listserv, but then it is great to have these people not subscribed there 
with ideas and input. I'd like to organize a BOF and possibly a virtual 
conference or workshop to really dig into this issue and come up with 
some concrete steps forward.

I'm also wondering if we could get some funding somewhere to hold an 
invited workshop (that pays for people to attend) to really dig into this.


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