[OSGeo-Discuss] Remote routing solutions

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Tue Oct 6 15:42:30 PDT 2009

Mateusz Loskot wrote:
> Stephen Woodbridge wrote:
>> Mateusz Loskot wrote:
>>> Folks,
>>> May I kindly ask for a bit of brainstorming about
>>> available and programmatically callable,
>>> optionally usable,
>>> optionally effective,
>>> optionally robust
>>> solutions of remote routing services?
>>> The use case is very simple:
>>> 1) client is a non-Web thin client
>>> 2) client has access to the Internet
>>> 3) client knows two locations "start" and "destination"
>>> 4) client wants to know how to travel from start to destination
>>> What are available options to achieve that? Where if availability means:
>>> * accessible for public
>>> * free of charge
>>> * does not require to sign anything,
>>> Custom solutions built on OGC-enabled stack (e.g. PyWPS, etc.) is also
>>> an option to discuss.
>>> Any input greatly appreciated.
>>> Best regards,
>> Mateusz,
>> Is the client looking for a solution that runs somewhere on the net that
>> they can make requests to, or are they looking to setup a server with
>> data and a routing engine?
> I intentionally didn't write anything about that as an indicator that it
> does not matter. I mean, both options arepossible.
> I can install (almost) anything or I can use something that's ready now.
> Certainly, the latter would be easier.
> By the way, I use word "client" as "software client" but not as a person
> or company who asked me to deliver solution.
> Actually, I'm thinking about implementing and delivering something on my
> own, as an Open Source Software. However, that's another story.
>> So I'll plug my infant and immature routing engine project:
>> http://sourceforge.net/projects/opengraphrouter/
> Interesting. I will take a look. Of course I will, I've seen the "Boost"
> stuff over there in SVN, hehe ;-)
>> Also pgRouting is an option.
> I know about it but...data, bloody data!
>> The big issues in most cases will be data.
> Yes.
>> Some people are doing routing with OpenStreetMap and pgRouting.
> What are the results of OSM evaluation for routing purposes?
>> If they want accurate (ie: navigable
>> routes then they will probably need something based on Navteq or
>> TeleAtlas) or if they are look at a small county or state wide area then
>> they might be able to get data from the local governments like
>> http://www.mass.gov/mgis/mapping.htm
> At this particular moment, I don't care about data.
> It probably silly as any software without data is useless, but first I'm
> interested in setting up some remote service (software) infrastructure
> (a demo, a testbed) that will allow a *thin* client to exploit and
> benefit of routing.
> This could be tested using any data that are available.
> If proved working, finding proper data would be next step.
>> Because good data is expensive and licensed, in most cases by
>> transactions, it is not likely that you will find services equivalent to
>> Google that are free.
> I'm am an incurable dreamer but that incurable to aim to beat Google :-)
> Best regards,


Seems like you have a bunch of good options in front of you. If you are 
so inclined to code something new, I would be interested in discussing 
your ideas and combining resources with OpenGraphRouter. Our GSoC 
student is interested in continuing work on the project, but he nuked 
his laptop and is waiting for a replacement. He is also in Bangladesh so 
TZs can be a challenge for us at times, but we have been making it work 
so far.


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