[OSGeo-Discuss] deegree vs GeoTools API

Judit Mays mays at lat-lon.de
Fri Feb 12 02:36:28 PST 2010

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Hello Frans,

you are always welcome to ask any deegree specific questions on one of
our mailing lists. There is one for users[1] and one for developers[2].

We would be very interested to hear about your plans.

[1] https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/deegree-users
[2] https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/deegree-devel

Kind regards,
Judit Mays

Frans Thamura schrieb:
> i still have a gap in my mind about how to make a program for both :0
> i will play around with both first, and will reply shortly
> F
> On Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 6:49 AM, Stefan Steiniger <sstein at geo.uzh.ch> wrote:
>> Hei Frans,
>> could you outline in more detail what you are aiming to do?
>> I.e. what the students (after training) and the software (to be programmed)
>> should be able to do?
>> If it is about web mapping then you may consider a whole different range of
>> stefan
>> Frans Thamura wrote:
>>> thx for the nice reply .
>>> i have work with our goverment spatial division, teaching java, and
>>> they are 100% blank in development, this is a transformation program
>>> from a division to create map become a services entity ->
>>> www.bakosutranal.go.id
>>> i am also teaching highschool develop apps on Java, and we success
>>> create web java programmer in architectural mode, and they will get
>>> schoolarship to university, mostly they are poor and smart, and
>>> several dont have computer, and several never visit Jakarta (they
>>> families never visit Jakarta)..
>>> my idea to help them to the level that they can provide solution.
>>> Landon, ur reply sound that using Geotools API will harder for them?
>>> is that right?
>>> i am still working for both to find the best one
>>> hope my reply can link our problem. we have human resource and bad
>>> education program in this country, so may be our student different
>>> with people outside this country
>>> F
>>> On Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 1:52 AM, Landon Blake <lblake at ksninc.com> wrote:
>>>> Frans,
>>>> I will try to provide an intelligent answer to your question based on my
>>>> own experience.
>>>> Here is my observation of the main difference between Deegree and
>>>> Geotools:
>>>> Degree seems to be a more closely knit group of developers, coming from
>>>> just a couple of organizations, while Geotools draws developers from all
>>>> over the place.
>>>> This has some different implications for users of the libraries and for
>>>> developers.
>>>> I find the Deegree API is often easier to use but not as well
>>>> documented. The Geotools API is better documented but much more
>>>> complicated. I think this extra complication in Geotools stems from its
>>>> efforts to please such a diverse group.
>>>> I have contributed a single "unsupported" module to Geotools. This
>>>> process wasn't too burdensome, and I found a couple of the programmers
>>>> in Geotools were a delight to work with. I also learned a lot from my
>>>> very limited work on Geotools. I typically work on code that plugs into
>>>> a single program, and participation in Geotools requires you to write
>>>> code that can be used in all sorts of programs. You need a different
>>>> type of thinking to do that.
>>>> The programmers from Deegree were also very responsive on their mailing
>>>> list.
>>>> Deegree uses a feature model somewhat similar to JUMP's. I find the
>>>> Geotools feature model is very hard to learn and work with.
>>>> I hope that helps.
>>>> Landon
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>>>> hi all
>>>> anyone can share the difference between Deegree vs GeoTools API
>>>> thx
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