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Hi Jovi,
For a start you can take a look at the evaluation results of CASCADOSS project - you will find there also other types of FOSS4G software too.

The evaluation is a bit out of date - valid for early 2008, but the evaluation method itself may provide the clues how to look at  and compare FOSS4G software projects.

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I am very new to geoservers and am currently studying GIS info system. I am wondering whether you could help me getting an overview and comparison of some of the Servers such as MapServer, GeoServer and Deegree.

I've gone through the documentation of these Servers and the presentation of FOSS4G conferences. What I've got is that these servers are similar to each other, regarding the functionality and features. (I am probably wrong about this). And I still don't help a clear picture of these projects. For example, what's the strength and weakness of each server in some particular scenario? Or why would people choose MapServer over GeoServer? I guess I could never answer these questions without ever using them, right? Could anyone of you give me some help or tips on this?

Thank you very much.

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