[OSGeo-Discuss] Video Bolsena 2010 OSGeo Code Sprint

Just van den Broecke just at justobjects.nl
Fri Jul 23 06:49:22 PDT 2010


I have created a video covering the OSgeo Code Sprint/Hacking event held 
in Bolsena, Italy last June 6-12. See


This year I have tried to depict the developers and their work. There is 
still a video from last year which has (too much) emphasis on 
scenery/music. You can still watch the 2009 video:

"Bolsena" http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Bolsena_Code_Sprint_2010 is a great 
event and I am grateful to have been part of it. Thanks Jeroen 
(Ticheler) for organizing!

best regards,


Just van den Broecke
The Netherlands

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