[OSGeo-Discuss] Open Source OGC Sensor Web Enablement implementations [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Simon Jirka jirka at 52north.org
Sun Jul 25 07:32:47 PDT 2010


> Can you please reply to the list with urls to your documentation?

at 52° North we have a quite large range of SWE implementations. Here
is a short overview including links to the according documentation.

These are our server implementations of the SWE specifications:
Sensor Observation Service: http://52north.org/SensorWeb/sos/
Sensor Planning Service: http://52north.org/SensorWeb/sps/1.0.0/index.html
Sensor Event Service (we recommend to use the SES instead of the older
SAS): http://52north.org/SensorWeb/ses/0.0.1/index.html
Web Notification Service: http://52north.org/SensorWeb/wns/1.0.0/index.html

Complementary to the server implementations your can also download
several SWE clients (http://52north.org/SensorWeb/clients/index.html)
or you can use the OX-Framework for developing your own clients

A demonstrator of our web based SWE client is available here:

Best regards,

Simon Jirka
Institute for Geoinformatics (IfGI), University of Muenster
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Simon Jirka
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