[OSGeo-Discuss] Does your favourite OSGeo application work on the LiveDVD?

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Thu Mar 4 14:46:59 PST 2010

osgeo discuss,

This weekend, we will be cutting our last release candidate of the 3.0 
LiveDVD which is targeted to be handed out at at number of spatial 
conferences in the April->July 2010 time period.

The DVD is looking really good, we have updated a number of packages, as 
well as improvement the look and feel.

Our only problem is that us packagers don't have the expertise to verify 
that each of the applications have been installed and runs correctly, 
and we are asking for help to document 10 to 20 test steps for each package.

Could we please get some help filling in test steps for each project here:

We would like people to use the template format here:
Deegree has filled out an excellent set of steps as an example here:

We will take any test steps that people can provide us. Feel free to 
update existing steps, as we are aware that some are based against old 
versions of the DVD and don't follow the template.

If you have downloaded the one of the 3.0 DVDs, as per: 
http://download.osge.org , then please write test steps from there.

Alternatively, you can write against the click2try 2.0 browser based 
viewer of the Virtual Machine, as explained here:

Alternatively, use a default install of the software you have on your 
computer, which should be similar to the LiveDVD install.

Lastly, thanks in advance for your help. Providing these testing steps 
helps us provide a quality DVD we can all be proud to hand out at 

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