[OSGeo-Discuss] Generalizing complex 3D vector polygon data

Alexandre Leroux alexandre.leroux at ec.gc.ca
Tue Mar 23 06:43:46 PDT 2010

Dear list,

Here's my challenge. I have 3D buildings originally in the AutoCAD 
format which are composed of hundreds of 2D polygons in 3D space.

Is there any tool that can "generalize" 3D data?

I found that GRASS GIS offers line generalization:
but found nothing regarding 3D generalization.

My feeling is that 'GIS technology' is just not there yet. There's just 
no implemented algorithms to generalize complex 3D to less complex 3D 
data. Am I right?

Since my team is heavily using FOSS4G, we're looking for a solution (if 
any) that would ideally be 100% FOSS4G.

Thanks for any feedback,

Alexandre Leroux, M.Sc., Ing.
Section de la réponse aux urgences environnementales /
Environmental Emergency Response Section
Centre météorologique canadien / Canadian Meteorological Centre
Environnement Canada / Environment Canada
alexandre.leroux at ec.gc.ca - (514) 421-5024

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