[OSGeo-Discuss] OSGeo Charter Member nomination - About me, Gabriel Roldan

Gabriel Roldan groldan at opengeo.org
Tue Nov 9 06:13:16 PST 2010

Hi all,

thanks for the Charter Member nomination. I am certainly looking forward to get more involved in OSGeo related activities beyond strictly contributing source code to a bunch of FOSS4G projects.
Hence it would be a pleasure to me to get on board (though of course you would be nuts if voting for me instead of, for example, Maria Brovelli, who we all love :)

Yet I dare to take this possibility as a chance to influence the adoption of, and collaboration between OSGeo projects and the large number of Latin American organizations that would or already are eager to do so, and would benefit from a bit more of help in the process.

I'm currently based in Argentina and plan to stay here, and hence I think I could be of help around here, our loved and frequently forgotten Latin America.
I'm a regular contributor to GeoTools and GeoServer since 2003. Currently contribute also to the GeoNode and GeoWebCache projects, and had some contact with uDig and gvSig development in the past too. 

Thanks for reading this far :)

Gabriel Roldan
groldan at opengeo.org
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