[OSGeo-Discuss] Charter Member Nomination

Daniel Ames dan.ames at isu.edu
Tue Nov 9 11:22:06 PST 2010

Hi all, I appreciate being nominated as an OSGeo Charter Member. I've been
participating with OSGeo since the 2006 Lausanne conference and am regularly
involved in the edu committee and newsletter/journal committee. I've funded
sponsorship at Lausanne, Sydney and Capetown and am always giving OSGeo
pitches at other conferences I attend. Presently I'm helping lead the OSGeo
DotNet programmer community including setting up the OSGeo DotNet mailing
list, and helping kick off a new project of OSGeo DotNet programmers called
DotSpatial (an API that brings together topology, visualization, data
access, etc for the DotNet world). In addition to the DotSpatial project (by
the way you can find it at http://dotspatial.codeplex.com) I manage the open
source MapWindow project (http://mapwindow.org) which some of you may have
heard of. I'd be happy to participate more fully with OSGeo through Charter

(P.S. I'm also organizing the 2011 MapWindow and OSGeo DotNet Conference in
San Diego, California in June 2011. Please consider coming!!! See

- Dan

Daniel P. Ames, Ph.D. PE
Associate Professor, Geosciences
Idaho State University - Idaho Falls
amesdani at isu.edu
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