[OSGeo-Discuss] MapGuide - Integration with Virtual Earth/Bing Maps, Google Earth

Domagoj domagoj.culinovic at zeljko.hr
Wed Nov 10 12:21:25 PST 2010

I have find one solution to that using Fusion template. With small
modification i have in my project my vector layers and Google maps. But,
there is problem with projections...

First i have put vector data in WGS85 - LL84 coordinate system on the Google
aps, and it seams that google map data are about 30m more in north

When i combine the same data in Manifold System 8, all data (vector and
raser) are on the right position. What will be solution for this problem?

Also what is with plan that some integration with Google/Virtual arth data
will be supported in next version of MapGuide?




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