[OSGeo-Discuss] Bug report response time

Sjur Kolberg Sjur.A.Kolberg at sintef.no
Thu Nov 11 01:43:08 PST 2010


Is there any mechanism in the bug tracking systems being used, that can export the distribution (histogram or mean) of time taken from a bug report is filed to it is declared successfully closed?

I guess I could figure that out manually by reading through all tickets; that is probably not going to happen...

I am trying to convince people that open source GIS is a better solution than buying proprietary software. Such discussions follow a well-known path (is it mature/stable? How about support? All our clients use XXXX..., Nice for programmers, but...) etc. Conclusions precede arguments, and some hard numbers could be of great help in all the religion.

Best regards,
Sjur K :-)

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