[OSGeo-Discuss] redhat compatible mb-systems packages?

cruiserad at comcast.net cruiserad at comcast.net
Thu Nov 18 14:02:08 PST 2010

Understanding that poseidon linux on ubuntu is out there, and ready to use...

have a need for mb systems on a redhat platforrm.

1. might there be an mb-systems/gmt package in one the redhat/fedora/debian standard, or gis projects repositories? been looking,ad it seems mb-systems is on the 'when we get around to it' list.
2. if not, would love to hear from someone who may (or may not) have had sucess with this operation.
3. For the folks on the fedora and debian gis projects, here ya go!    0-tuit !!
(for all the folks waiting to do something  when they get around to it, you just got a "round-tuit" in the line above...)
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