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Thu Nov 25 18:04:09 PST 2010

Dear Horst,

I've tested the pgvs and it looks very promising.  Perhaps an
integration with the offline editing plugin developed by sourcepole
could be a good feature.
This plugin stores the postgis data into a spatiallite db which can be
edited on field and then integrated into the man pg db later on.


On Fri, Nov 26, 2010 at 7:46 AM, Noli Sicad <nsicad at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Horst,
> In the example given in your website, you have 2 revisions, could you
> do more than 2 revisions?
> For example, in forest management we do plant, thin and harvest the
> forest for period of time (i.e 100 years planning period). You keep on
> editing planting, thinning and harvesting plans of the same forest. We
> like to see the revisions of these 3 plans (3 layers) e.g. 5 years, 10
> years or 50 years, the edits that have been in these periods. Could we
> use this plugin for this purpose?
> I think this scenario also apply to agricultural management (planting
> and harvesting of crops) and animal range management - grazing.
> Thanks.
> Noli
> On 11/26/10, Horst Düster <horst.duester at kappasys.ch> wrote:
>> Some times ago the upper subject was discussed on the osgeo.org list.
>> Now I'm able to announce the first release of the pgvs system I
>> developed in the last few month. The aim of pgvs is to offer an option
>> to edit PostGIS layers with CVS, SVN or GIT like support for
>> concurrencing editing of geodata stored in a PostGIS Database.
>> Additionally I've developed a QGIS plugin to support your work with pgvs
>> in conjunction with QGIS.
>> For further information have a look at:
>> http://www.kappasys.ch/cms/index.php?id=23&L=5
>> Regards
>> Horst Düster
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